KGLOBAL Investment and Partnership is an investment division of the Company.
All our investment opportunities are available to private, institutional and government investors.
Underpinning our work is a commitment to knowledge-based results.
Our proactive approach has resulted in our becoming one of the leading investment companies in this growing and highly competitive sector.

Our objective is to maximize return on investment to all our investors.

In order to achieve this, our investment portfolio spans on Properties, Transportation, Information Technology, and Telecommunications.

How our Investments work

We need investors for our on-going projects which offer social and environmental benefits as well as a guaranteed investment with monthly returns.
We allow investors to formulate part of the projects.

All our investment projects are from 1 year to 5 years projects.
During this period the investor shall be earning a monthly return/dividend of 5% (percentage) of their investment capital.
After 2 (Two) years of completing the projects, we shall then pay you off your Investment Capital.
​This is awesome especially to those whose primary goal is to generate a monthly income return from their investment capital, rather than to pursue capital growth.

A brief breakdown analysis:
Let assume you invest $100,000. (One hundred thousand dollars)
You shall be earning 5% of $100,000 every month, which is $5,000 every month.
So you shall be earning $5,000 every month for 24 months.
Which means the total amount that you will receive after 24 months will accumulate to $120,000 (dollars).

After the 2 years, we shall then pay you off 100% of your Capital Contribution that you invested, which means that we will then pay you back your $100,000 that you invested.
In a proper summary of all, you shall be having $100,000 + $120,000  = $220,000 after 2 years of your Investment Capital.
The more Capital you invest, the more Income in your Pocket.


No other independent service provider has KGLOBAL Investments expertise and track record to deliver superior returns, something that we have consistently achieved even in the current difficult market conditions.
Underpinning our work is a commitment to knowledge-based results.
Our proactive approach has resulted in our becoming one of the leading investment company in this growing and highly competitive sector.

KGLOBAL Investments offer investors:

  • * Global reach – Our global network of experts brings you what we believe are the best investment opportunities from around the world.
  • * Client focused – Our International Client Services team is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure exceptional service.
  • * Transparency – We are accountable and transparent in everything we do. We make more money when you make more money. so your best interest really is our only interest.
  • * Investment research – Extensive quality market research coverage from our highly regarded research team and international affiliates is central to the provision of our advice.
  • * Investment that pays you every month – Our monthly investment returns/dividends make things even easier for income investors looking for reliable cash flow.
  • * Corporate responsibility – We support the communities in which we operate. We apply a consistent global approach to allocate profit to the territories in which it is earned.

Transformation is at the heart of how we seek to generate growth for all our Stakeholders and the Communities where we do Business.
That’s why some of the world’s largest portfolios, both listed and private, are entrusted to us.
​Invest in KGlobal Today and secure your Future.

Call us or fill up the form above and one of our advisers will be in touch to discuss your needs & will send you an Investment Application Form.

Make it your turn today and start earning Profit @ KGLOBAL.
​NOTE: that our minimum investment capital required is $8,000 (USD dollars) to Maximum.

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